Lionel+Marina Wedding Proposal

I was reading an email of Lionel 2 months ago, talking about a wedding proposal in an amazing villa in Liguria, near Genova. Firstly I haven’t understood what Lionel was searching for, then we start to chat on facebook, trying to understand each other better, to make a beautiful surprise for his lover, Marina.

From that we start to organize the surprise. The Villa was in Arenzano, Liguria, Italy, and had a wonderful pool with a fantastic sea view on the back: that would be our location for the wedding proposal.

Lionel start to buy tickets for his parents, who send to the Genova airport while Marina, her sister mother and father were send to Milan, in order not to let them meet. Marina was thinking this was a trip that is father had won from his company, a week end in a beautiful villa by the sea.

She had to arrive on Saturday at 7.30pm in Arenzano and Lionel would be ask her to marry him at sunset with a beautiful view behind him. Obviously plans are never the same as we expect and on Saturday 6th May it was raining a lot in Arenzano.

We met each other, me Alex, Simone the second camera operator, Lionel and his friends, at 3pm in order to organize as better as we can the surprise, but outside was raining a lot and we started to think at a B plan, but we realized that maybe at 7:30pm it would stop raining, so we took the risk and decided to shoot the proposal outside, under the rain.

I had the part to welcome the father of Marina with his family, showing the villa, and telling them that the party was not started yet. I was really excited, but I played my part well. So I took Marina, and I let sit her on the couch looking at the windows in front of her: I started to film her with my camera, saying it was a quick interview for the video of the villa’s owner, I asked her some question and she started to talk about herself. After one minutes I made my signal to Lionel’s friend, that were behind the door waiting for putting the Whitney Houston’s song for the proposal. And when I said “SMILE” the music started. So I walk behind 3 steps and knocked on the windows where Lionel’s father with the aid of Marina’s father were behind. So at the signal they opened the windows.

Lionel was there, waiting for her with is little umbrella, and when she saw him, she didn’t realize what was happening. She looked at me, she look at Lionel, she stood up and she walked to Lionel. That moment was so gorgeous, Lionel was so excited that when Marina arrived, he has no words to say, he just take the ring, and ask her to marry him. He prepared a little paper to tell her but the emotion was so much that he forgot what to say.

She said yes, they embraced, they kissed and they made their promise.

The rest you can see in the video

Enjoy it…..

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