Wedding Videographer Bergamo Alessandro+Anne Marne Castle Wedding

Wedding Videographer Bergamo

wedding videographer bergamo

Location Castello di Marne
Photographers: Bottega Incontoluce
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Are you searching for wedding videographer in Bergamo? I’m wedding videographer and I have filmed weddings all over Italy and Europe. Welcome in my website. I want to see if I could be the right choice for your wedding day in Marne Castle, Bergamo.
When you are searching for a wedding videographer in Bergamo, you cannot go wrong. Alex and Daniele filmed this fantastic wedding in Marne Castle, in Bergamo, with their Sony Camera capturing all the emotions of this fantastic couple.

Marne Castle
 is located in the lovely village of Filago, surrounded by lush vegetation. Come walk on the very same drawbridge that used to allow the access to the castle and admire the imposing size of this building: a beautiful embattled tower will immediately capture your attention.

Even though some historians date the building to the Roman domination, some later structural alterations gave the castle its typical Renaissance aspect, with wide spaces, the fountain, the well leaning against the wall, but mostly the elegant garden decorated with a wide range of colourful flowers and plants.

If you look out the courtyard terrace, you’ll notice that the castle is located on a rock spur over the Dordo creek, a tributary of the near Brembo River. Thanks to its strategic position, Marne Castle was practically impregnable!

Anne is from Brazil and Alessandro is an important owner of a Shoe’s Shop in Parabiago. Together they make that day unforgettable for all their guest at the wedding, with good music, a superb dinner and a lot of good vibrations. Then their Son with his outstanding voice, recorded a voice over to build together with the image a wonderful wedding film, that will remain forever impressed in their memory.

Feel free to get in touch with me. My mission as wedding videographer in Italy is to give life to your emotions.

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