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Alex is a wedding filmmaker based in Milan, a short drive away from the picturesque Como Lake, Garda Lake and Maggiore Lake. He likes to travel all around Europe and rest of the World to capture with his cameras,

the beautiful sceneries and the best moments of people's lives. His studies have focused on sociology and foreign languages in the past, travelling around America, Europe and Asia to meet and understand different cultures and report them into visuals fragment through videos and photography. Now, he shows his art through wedding film, capturing the best moments in a unique and special way, using cinematic techniques, the most advanced technologies and a knowledge gained through studies and constant updating. Every wedding has his own song, his own Pathos, his own rhythm, his own colours, the only things they have in common is Love, that's why Alex is there, to show the emotions that only Love can convey. 


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About Alex Sofo

Italian Wedding Videographer

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Feel free to get in touch with me. My mission as wedding videographer in Italy is to give life to your emotions.

Weddings are not my only passion, I still have love for music and music Videos is where I can show all my art.

My love for music comes since I was 6 years old, listening to rock album as Queen and Guns’n’Roses, then I started to play guitar and sing a in Rock Band with my very best friends.

That love for music make me travel all over the world and then in 2010 I discover a passion for Videos and start to film with my very first serious camera the Canon 5D mark 2.

Then the time passed I went through Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Blackmagic, Sony cameras, I’ve tried every lens in the market to see what if fit best to me to tell the stories I film.

Then I start to discover the importance of Audio in my Wedding Videos and finally I’ve reached my Nirvana using the Light as best as I can in all my videos. Light is so important to me, is the key of a good picture and in my videos I try to tell a story using people’s emotions always taking care about light.

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