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We usually work in couple, three, four and also five person if needed. We shoot everything in Full Hd quality and from 2017 in 4K, providing the best quality in the market. We shoot using gimbals, drones, monopods, tripods, sliders or just handheld, depending on the look we want to give to our videos. 

We start from the very beginning, the location, recording all the beautiful spot around the area. Then we get to the bride's room, to film our favourite moments of the build up to the wedding, the bridal hair and make up. This is the place where emotions start to surface., where all the magic happens. Whenever possible, we film the groom's dressing, his family, friends and all the ceremony preparations. 

Once we get on location, it could be a beautiful forest, a queit beach, a picturesque church, we start to film every single moment with our style, trying to capture all the emotions during the ceremony and especially during the most important moment of a wedding: the exchange of wedding rings and the bride and groom's vows. 

We care a lot about image quality and audio, this is why we always recommend to shoot at least in two people, in order to make your wedding film special.

At the reception you will never noticed us, we move like ninja through tables, guests and friends, to report in a natural way the progress of the wedding . We film on average about 12 hours for every wedding but we can stay with you till the last dance if needed.

Once we finish to film, we save all the files in a secure hard drive, making two more copies as a backup. Then we start to edit all the material with powerful computers, using all our skills and knowledge to provide you with an unforgettable film of your wedding. 

The final edits are two: "the highlights" and the film. The highlights' film is a three minutes video, showing all the best moments of your wedding day which you can share on your social networks. The film is about ten to fifteen minutes long and goes deep into emotions and feelings, giving you an accurate video with song and music that we choose for you. Yes, we decide to do it for you because we know better than anyone which kind of music is the right one, but we would like to know all your taste, in order to choose the right musics for you.

Once we finish with editing, we export the video in the highest possible quality delivering it through usb key and boxes, dvd, vimeo, youtube, you must tell us before what your preference will be and we will provide you the best possible service.

For further information you can contact us anytime using the links on our contact page.

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